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Month: December 2016

My Best Days at Work

December is always a quiet month at my job and as such, I’ve had a few days of quiet to geek out and work on a few projects that have been on the proverbial back burner.  While I’ve had a lot of great days at work and my particular favorite days are when I learn something new that knocks my socks off.  So I had one of these days last week during a geek-out day and I wanted to share what I learned. R Logo

I do a decent amount of coding and I tend to use Python for data manipulation and preparation.  I also do a lot of teaching and my personal preference is also to use Python for teaching because I find the syntax to be very easy for non-coders to grasp. I’m also a big fan of all the various libraries that have been written for Python which enable data scientists to focus on what they are trying to do without having to worry about how to do it.

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