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Drill Workshops

I am pleased to announce that I am offering 1-day workshops in Apache Drill.  If you are looking to learn more about Apache Drill:

The one day workshop will cover:

  • An SQL Overview
  • Installing Drill
  • Using Apache Drill to query delimited data
  • Exploring complex, nested data with Apache Drill
  • Analyzing log files with Apache Drill
  • Connecting multiple datasources and querying across silos
  • Writing custom User Defined Functions (UDFs) for Drill

What You’ll Get:

  • Unlimited access to all course materials
  • A virtual machine with all software pre-configured

Who Should Take a Drill Workshop?

Drill is one of the most powerful tools for exploring and analyzing data, and anyone seeking to fully exploit Drill’s enormous potential in their business will benefit from this workshop.

What you need to know:

Drill uses SQL as its primary means of interface.  In the beginning workshops, students should be familiar with the fundamentals of SQL.  Since the focus of the class is Drill and not SQL, if you are unfamiliar with SQL, I would recommend reading SQL for Mere Mortals by John Viescas and Michael Hernandez.  I also cover programmatic access to Drill and students should be generally familiar with Python or R.

Scheduling a Private Workshop

Please contact me to schedule a workshop in your company.

Online Workshops

I will also be hosting live, online workshops about Drill on Safari Books Online.

I’ll also be announcing soon more advanced workshops which will cover extending Drill.

Audience Comments from Past Presentations

“Great talk!  You have a great delivery, balancing deep technical understanding with an approachability and humor.  Judging by the engagement at the end of your planned remarks, your talk was a big success.”

“Thought Charles did an excellent job. He made sure everyone was prepped for the tutorial, provided excellent scenarios to work through, provided one-on-one assistance, and covered a hard topic with a broad spectrum of attendees”

“Very interesting session, speaker did a great job with VM that was created and helping us with the exercises.”


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