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Month: March 2022

Data Pioneers vs. Data Settlers (Startup Pt. 13)

I just got back from a data conference organized by the Data Council, which took place in Austin, TX. It was the first data conference I’ve attended since the pandemic started and it was really great to be able to attend and meet many colleagues from around the country and the world. I know I’ve said this many times, but I always come back from conferences feeling very inspired and usually with a wealth of new ideas. Oh, and in case you missed the title, VIRTUAL CONFERENCES SUCK! There, I said it!

I was invited to attend by one of our investors and it was really great to meet some of the people with whom I’ve been working for the last year and a half. I went to this conference with a mission: I wanted to learn how other early companies position themselves in a very crowded data space. One of the big challenges we’ve faced at DataDistillr is how we position ourselves. If you haven’t read earlier installments or read our website, DataDistillr is a tool which can connect to any data source and query data without ETL. The goal of our tool is to enable people who work with data, data scientists and data analysts, to be able to work with data without the support of a data engineering team.

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So I Launched a Startup, Pt 12: MLOps and Burst Coding

I’ve written about this before but as a technical CEO and Co-Founder, my days are usually filled with meetings of various types. My day starts with a daily standup about sales and growth and can take any number of directions. Mondays usually have sprint planning meetings, Tuesdays exec meetings, Thursdays are meetings with investors etc. The unfortunate result is that I don’t have large amounts of uninterrupted time for tech work and other work that requires intense concentration.

Burst Coding: Coding for Those With No Time

Given my insane schedule, if I’m going to do any kind of technical work, it means that I have to do it in VERY short increments of time. This approach flies in the face of commonly accepted approach of software development which is that developers need long amounts of uninterrupted time to be productive. Given that I don’t have long amounts of uninterrupted time, I had to develop a way to be productive and still sleep and spend time with my family. I call it Burst Coding and here’s how it works.

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