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Back to BlackHat…For the 5th Time!!

Happy belated New Year everyone! I’ve been taking a bit of a blog break as I’ve been quite busy between work, personal travel, and working on my startup GTK Cyber. But I’m back now and have some exciting news! My team and I have been accepted to teach Applied Data Science course once again at BlackHat in Las Vegas! This year we’ve made a major change to our course: it’s now a full four days instead of two!

What’s New This Year?

Well, I’m glad you asked… Since we have four days instead of two for the class, we will spend considerably more time on both the machine learning and unsupervised learning modules. GTK prides itself in keeping our course up to date with the latest developments in data science and its application to security. Towards that end, we will be adding a lot of content about new techniques to automate feature extraction, and model evaluation. I’ll be posting teaser tutorials as the date gets closer, but we’ll be covering modules such as TPOT, FeatureTools, LIME, and others.

We also will be adding completely new modules about anomaly detection, natural language processing, deep learning and finally hacking machine learning models.

What, no Drill?

Not exactly. This year there were several exciting developments in the Apache Drill project which makes it possible for Drill to be used as an analytic engine for open source BI tools such as SQLPad and Apache Superset. As part of our data exploration unit, we will be demonstrating how to quickly build amazing interactive dashboards, all with open source software. I’ll be presenting a talk about this at the Apache DC RoadShow and again at ApacheCon in September.

This year’s class will definitely be our best course yet! Early bird registration ends on 24 May, so register now to get your seat before it’s too late!

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